About Us

ZUMERA was founded in 2017 to make your needs accessible. Since Inception, we have been working on bringing together a team of experienced persons that is passionate about Improving Lives, and what better way to improve lives?

Our number 1 priority is to provide quality products and the Best customer services.  Our Current Technology Services helps people discover and understand the importance of Technology, how it can improve their lives and how they see the world. This would serve as the foundation for which Zumera would consolidate its Technology sector, and also venture into various sectors of the economy.

Whatever type of technology products or services  you are looking for?  We’ve got you covered. Get in touch today and we’ll take care of the rest.


To be the BEST in offering and providing Information Technology
products and services


To provide quality information technology products and services in the lowest possible prices while enhancing customers satisfaction

Together we are building a company that will change the face of technology in Nigeria and Africa

Lucky R. Erherha, CEO


Our Company parades the best mangement team

Lucky R. Erherha

Chief Executive Officer

Oyedo Emmanuel Oluwatobi

Chief Operating Office

Precious Erherha

Chief Financial Officer