We teach modern day courses that are relevant and a must to getting ahead in the tech age. See some of them below

Front End Web development

Learn Design fundamentals, Atomic design, HTML, CSS, javascript, Hosting, One demo website

Duration: 1 week

BackEnd Web Development

Learn to build Relational Database fundamentals, write php code, query MySQL database, build one Demo website using all the features you have learnt
option of Nodejs

Duration: 1 week

Digital marketing

Learn Introduction to Digital marketing, Social media management, Google Analytics, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Copywriting in this exciting course

Duration: 1 week

Microsoft Word office package

Improve your typing skills while you learn desktop appreciation, Microsoft word (Word Processor), Microsoft Excel (Electronic Spreadsheet), Microsoft Access (Database Management) and Microsoft Powerpoint (Presentation Program)

Duration: 1 week

Graphics Design

Learn to create outstanding graphics, using Corel Draw and Adobe Xd. Play with colour and understand its fundamentals, design banners, flyers, flex, bills and more

Duration: 1 week

System Networking

Learn to connect systems over LAN,  MAN, WAN and explore the latest in fibre connections. Create networks between devices

Duration: 1 week

1 - Awesome Curriculum

We use the best curriculum you can ever find for all of our courses. Making sure our student have the best of classes.


Our classes are very practical. We make sure  you get hands on practical during all of our teachings.


We help you perfect all what you have learnt durring the training using real world or demo projects.


Find out more about our other offerings or pay a visit to our local office for more information about our services and portfollios.