CEO’s Message

CEO'S Message

Welcome to ZUMERA!

Zumera was founded in 2017, with a clear Purpose of “Contributing to the growth of the country and the world by making needs accessible, defined as differentiated, Quality, Cost Controlled and great customer’s experience will be the veritable password of the company. We are pursuing this goal by creating a fully-integrated specialty company in control of every value adding Information Technology products and services to innovating new products and services in other Sectors.

Everything the Company will continue to build will be derived from its commitment to Innovation and quality. It boils down to what can be best expressed with a single sentence: we will always strive harder to satisfy our customer’s requirements. The satisfaction of our customers, our success, our growth.

We will not settle for anything less and that is why we are advancing our commitment to developing our Employees through our leadership culture and proactive approach to Employee engagement. Our Motto is “Be the Best” and this is a Value that is enthusiastically promoted throughout our various departments.

Lastly, I want to thank the Management Team, Employees and Partners for their dedication and continued support, as we look forward to a Successful Future.

Thank You.

Lucky R. Erherha

President, Chief Executive Officer